Winter hiking snowmobiling at Three Peaks, will take up to Rif.Auronzo starting from Lake Antorno Misurina. The snowmobile rides takes about twenty minutes.

Once you reach the refuge Auronzo there is a chance for those who want to go down with the sled we made ​​available, along a dirt track of 5km. From Misurina part of the journey in "snowmobile shuttle" to the discovery of the nature more 'pristine, a' panoramic hike on the mountain plain "refuge Bosi" experiencing emotions closely with a landscape that takes your breath away.

A proposal for a captivating, fun, not dangerous, which indeed become, for those who want to try an unforgettable experience, to live alone, with friends or family. A path that leads to 5km altitude, and then down to personal taste as tobogganing, walking in the company or in the comfortable snowmobile.